Seven Die in Mzuzu Flooding

By: Thula Chisamba

Mzuzu residents are living in fear owing to uncertainties that the current unsealing rains, may cause more casualties.

flooding hit school blocks
flooding hit school blocks

The rains have been torrential for close to two weeks in the city, resulting in the death of seven people and displacement of more others.

The publication spot-check establishes that crops have also been swept away, a development that raises fear and worry.

“I have lost my house and crops in my garden and I don’t know what to do now,” said Joseph Banda in Chibavi.

A house collaps
A house collapse

Andrew Njikho who had his wife and children killed in the flooding, after walls of their house subsided on them in Masasa township, told The Malawi Star the tragedy has come in a shocking way and has lost  pillars of strength.

Njikho said he survived the tragedy because he spent the rainy night at work, guarding Shoprite supermarket.

“Much as I have survived but lossing two people is hard to bear, my wife and children were my strength,” he said.

In Lower Katoto, about 80 houses have sunken in flooding waters, whilst in other township residents are suffering double casualties.


flooding hit school blocks
flooding hit school blocks

townships, The Malawi Star established that most toilets have collapsed, exposing people to numerous health risks.

“We are living in fear because we don’t know what such rains may bring to our health,” said Joel Zimba who lost his house and toilet in Mchengautuba Township.

As of Friday evening, rains were still pouring heavily across the city, with no sign of stopping.

Authorities at the city council and Malawi Police were still on the ground,

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