Kelvin Moyo under fire

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa


Big Bullets General Secretary Kelvin Moyo is under fire from Stone Mwamadi Supporters led executive committee following allegations that he facilitated Jafali Chande’s Mighty

Moyo: Under Fire
Moyo: Under Fire

Wanderers move by receiving K800 000 from the Nomads.


An inside source confided with The Malawi Star publication that the Supporters committee accused Moyo of facilitating the deal despite Chande’s earlier decision of returning back to the club.

Since last week, Moyo has been absent from the scene, increasing speculations that he was indeed told not to speak on behalf of the team until the matter was resolved.

When contacted, Moyo simply said:

“Why would Wanderers pay K800 000 to me yet they were planning to buy out the remaining contract at K700 000? Does it make sense? I will come out of the shell to comment on the issue once dust settles down,” he said

On his part, Mwamadi refuted the claims saying the allegations are just fabricated to tarnish Moyo’s image but admitted that the General Secretary is currently not speaking on behalf of the team.

Mwamadi: Mounting pressure on Moyo?
Mwamadi: Mounting pressure on Moyo?

“It’s not true that we are accusing him of facilitating Chande’s move to Wanderers but he is currently not speaking on behalf of the team until the whole saga is sorted out. We have a new development on Chande’s transfer move to Wanderers, we will let you know,” he said.

Bullets submitted a contract copy to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) indicating that the player is still contracted to them till August 2017 next year. However, Chande denied having such a long term contract with the league champions and submitted his own copy of a contract which indicated that his deal with them expired in February this year.

FAM has called both parties to a hearing due to take place on Tuesday next week. The former EPAC FC captain has made it clear that he has set his heart on playing for Wanderers this season having failed to secure a deal at Bullets.


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