MBS Vows to Close More Companies

By: Lackson Kanyoza

The Malawi Bureau of Standards has insisted that it will not leave any stone unturned as far as suspending companies’ operations due to non-compliance of hygiene.

Chokazinga: more companies to face closure
Chokazinga: more companies to face closure

This comes at a time when MBS suspended five companies in a period of just one month.

Recently, On Monday, the bureau suspended the operations of Shire Highlands Hotel to the public due to non-compliance with hygienic conditions.

This development follows the closure of Malawi Sun Hotel and Conference Centre Bakery situated at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre which was also closed down by the bureau last week for the same reasons.

According to Malawi Standard Number 21; Food and Food processing Units – Code Of Hygienic Conditions- stipulates that the bureau has the powers to close down institutions that do not comply with stipulated hygienic conditions.

MBS Director General, Davlin Chokazinga, said that their company will continue with its operations of closing down companies and premises to ensure all unsafe and unfit products on the market are wiped out as stipulated by the law.

“Our bureau will not spare any company which will offer services with non-compliance to our standards. We need people to get quality products and better services. We will not stop here because the operation is on its course. Any company which is delivering services contrary to our standards will be shut down,” explained Chokazinga.

Commenting on when they will open Shire Highlands Hotel, Chokazinga had this to say, “We closed the hotel because their toilets were a total mess. So, they need to fix their toilets then we will go and inspect the premises. The ban will only be lifted if satisfactory changes have been made ,” he said.

Meanwhile, the bureau has advised the Malawian public to stop doing any businesses at the Hotel until the matter has been resolved.

Chokazinga then said that the developments should save as a warning to other traders who are
not complying with the MS-21, a code of hygienic conditions for food and food processing.

Recently, MBS shut down the operations of Bakers Pride (New) Bakery (bread and Bun) located in Lilongwe area 3, Superior Halaal Meats Butchery, Superior Food Market – Catering Services, and Superior Food Market Bakery (Bread and Bans), Situated at the North Gate Arcade in Blantyre and  Brewers of Malawi’s popular opaque beer, Chibuku shake – shake Products Limited (CPL) in Lilongwe.

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