Exclusive: Sangwani Beats the odds

By: Trifonia Chagoma


Malawian musician Sangwani Munthali is ready to release his third album entitled “Ndipulumutseni” Recorded in Windhoek, Namibia, with professionals from Zimbabwe and Namibia, the project has 13 tracks.

Munthali album coming soon
Munthali album coming soon

It is an album that Sangwani is releasing with his eyes set to break through the international market.

“Ndipulumutseni” is scheduled to be officially released on 27th May 2016, at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe, then at Robins Park in Blantyre on 28th May 2016 and finally in Mzuzu at Boma Park on 4th June, 2016.

With the new album, Sangwani establishes himself on the international scene as an advanced afro-contemporary (Adfroc) artist.

He has released six promotional singles entitled: “Ndingaopa Ntchiche”, “Ndilowala”, “Ndipulumutseni”, “Asamala” “Ufumu” and “Werera”.

“I really took time on this project and it has been a lot of work. It’s a powerful album, from the message and artistically. I believe it will change lives.

“Mostly the album carries the message of hope to those who are in various predicaments and is wholly inspired by the word of God.” Added Sangwani

Sangwani’s sponsor, Vitumbiko Mumba, who is based in Namibia observes said, “It is paramount that Malawian artists such as Sangwani break onto the international stage. Some have already done that, but there is need to have more. With the website, it becomes easy to market Sangwani to international events organizers.”
But who is Sangwani Munthali?

Sangwani Munthali is Malawian artist born on 18th January 1975. His music is classified as advanced afro contemporary (Adfroc) which is a fusion of afro pop, afro jazz and Malawian beats.

His passion for music started while he was still young. As a small boy, after knocking off from school, Sangwani used to imitate the then Malawian local bands (such as Makasu) with his friends. They used empty tins instead of drums.

In 1988, he met Mahara Mhango (formerly Gift Mhango) of the then Mhango Salvation Singers. It was during this time that his passion for music developed further.

Chimwemwe Mhango, the brother to Mahara, noticed Sangwani’s music potential and took him on board. He was a backing vocalist for Chimwemwe Mhango (now Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango) until 2000.  He then started writing his own songs and released his first album in 2003.

Between 2000- 2003, he stayed with Wambali Mkandawire, the Malawian Adfroc maestro.  It was during this period that he got inspired and decided  the genre to follow.

Wambali Inspired Munthali
Wambali Inspired Munthali

His first album was titled “Mahomwa gha Fumu” which has 8 tracks. Mahomwa gha Fumu is a Tumbuka expression which means “Armour of God”.

The album was well received by the Malawian public and enjoyed the airwaves due to its genre and deep message. In 2009, Sangwani released “Themba” which in Tumbuka means “King.”


Apart from performing during the launching of his past two albums, Sangwani has performed as a supporting artist. He has also performed at the Lake of Stars, which is the biggest music event in Malawi that attracts international artists.


For more information hit the link www.sangwanimunthali.com



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