Caught in Act; Boy Rapes 14-Years-old girl

By: Thula Chisamba

In another contentious twist, the Malawi Police has apprehended a 16 years old, Abraham Time Nyamwera on suspicion of defiling a 14-year-old girl.

Sex victim (photo file)
Sex victim (photo file)

The drama occurred at Chilelawana village in Nkhata bay when Abraham was caught in the act in a bush within the area taking advantage of the girl.

Some people claimed the two were consummating their relationship while others maintained that Abraham coerced the little girl to have premarital sex.

An eyewitness told The Malawi Star that the girl’s mother rushed and reported the matter to the police who later arrested Abraham. Nkhata bay Police Publicist, Sergeant Ignatius Esau, confirmed the episode and said Abraham has already been charged with a defilement offence.

He said the evidence they obtained from Nkhata bay district hospital is enough to prosecute Abraham on grounds of defilement.

“He will appear in court soon to answer defilement charges according to section 138 of the penal code. The heaviest punishment for the offence is life imprisonment,” said Esau.

In a separate interview with the victim, the girl had this to say:

“We were at a party when my little sister suddenly began sleeping. Mom sent me to escort her home and put her in bed; I was on my way back to the party when Abraham dragged me into the bush where he forced himself on me.”

In addition to this, the victim told this publication that she felt so much pain that she cried out loud and this alarmed some people who eventually came to her rescue. The good Samaritans reported the matter to the victim’s mother who rushed to the police station.

Rape or defilement cases are becoming more rampant in the country owing to what others believe to be exposure to nude movies and ritualistic mindedness which some people claim that sleeping with girls by force is a gateway to riches and success.


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  1. Apolice zina kumaona osat mzngodyera ndalama an2 ay 14 &16 kusiyana zaka ziwiri chinali chbwez chimenecho ndipo they agreed kut apite kutchire fufuzan nkhani bwinobwino kaya ndkukhot jstc iyendepo apo

  2. I think the way things are being taken its nolonger protecting a girl child but its war against boys. somewhere an NGO was telling parents to start encouraging there girls to use contraceptives. why if they don’t hav boyfriends?

  3. nayeso doloyo anachita kulumila tsabola? shaft chinachiluka nyamwela mpaka kanamwali kubuula…aaaa nchiyambi chimenecho next tym uzavaye ku room osamabaila pathengo ndi mbola ase

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