Govt Slowly Moves to Privatize Public Education

By Thula Chisamba

It has been established that the Malawi government is slowly moving towards the privatization of public schools-In the name of improving education standards in the country.

Parents of Children such as these will soon be paying
Parents of Children such as these will soon be paying

Inside sources have confided to this publication that a strategy has already been implemented behind the same intentions.

“They call it primary school improvement program. Through the same, parents will be encouraged to be contributing funds to improve schools where they sent their children,” said the source.

Though this publication cannot independently verify such revelations, inside sources claim that government wants to share the responsibility of running educational institutions together with the parents and guardians.

They further claimed that government has realized its plight in managing public education institutions single-handedly.

“This is why they want to involve parents so that they too must be entirely responsible for providing basic needs in their children’s respective school.

This simply means that parents, who have sent their children to a public primary school, will now be responsible for providing the basics at the institution,” added the source.

Will some of the parents afford to pay?
Will some of the parents afford to pay?

Coordinator for the initiative in the northern region, Mzondi Moyo, who confirmed the development, brushed aside claims that government intends to privatize public schools in the name of the initiative.

According to Moyo, the initiative only seeks to involve parents and teachers in a move to improve education standards in their respective schools.

“Some things are not worthy the government intervention because even parents can manage to sort them out.

Therefore, this initiative aims at improving education standards from the grassroots where parents and teachers can ably meet and strategize tangible ways of achieving mutual goals for the learners,” said Moyo.

Nevertheless, some parents and teachers in Mzuzu education division office are worried regarding the negative fruits that may ripen from the initiative.

Before going to press, this publication sent a questionnaire to the Ministry of Education publicist, Rabecca Mphwitiko, who was yet to respond to our email that The Malawi Star sent to her office.

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