Political Commentator hails Parliament Legal Affairs Committee

By: Eric Nantchengwa

A renowned Lilongwe political commentator Loudon Malingamoyo has concurred with Parliament Legal Affairs Committee’s proposal of a standing order to parliamentary rules to compel the Head of State answer questions from legislators in the National Assembly.

Malingamoyo: APM should answer questions in Parliament
Malingamoyo: APM should answer questions in Parliament

According to Malingamoyo and as far as the standing order 70 as read together with section 89(4) of the constitution the President ought to appear before parliament when the need be.

He said the Head of State is obliged to answer questions that need to be addressed by him in the National Assembly.

Malingamoyo further stressed that if the President fails to appear before parliament to answer questions then he is failing to execute his duties as the President and the responsibility entrusted to him by Malawians.

‘‘When he fails to answer questions that only means that he has no answers for Malawians and therefore he has failed. Malawi needs a leader who is ready to revolutionize this country”, Malingamoyo told The Malawi Star.

He added that when the President cannot answer Malawians who put him in power then he lacks ideas needed to lead this country.

He however advised against calling the President to the National Assembly just to embarrass him, citing that is uncalled for.

In his own opinion Malingamoyo believes that all the ideas that President Mutharika ,akes so much noise about, are not originally his ideas at all.  The Malata and Cement subsidy idea was borrowed from the late Ephraim Nyondo and the Community Colleges idea was borrowed from Mark Katsonga to mention just a few. This is a clear indication that the President is failing to come up with his own ideas that can revolutionize the country.


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