Mutharika seek God’s Protection

By: Happy Arnold Soko


After a long suffering, President Peter Mutharika has finally turned to God for a supernatural touch.

APM asks for God protection
APM asks for God protection

Mutharika, who on Friday graced a night of prayer at Kamuzu Stadium, said his life has a story to tell after suffering from political persecution.

“As for me, my life has a story to tell, I have suffered personal tragedies, political persecution, and public humiliation. It takes faith to overcome these challenges because faith gives us courage. We are commanded to love one another and the love our country.  God wants us to be patriotic and rightful people. We are called to serve one another,” said the Malawi leader.

The President noted that while Christians endure suffering; many are free to move forward despite setbacks.

Mutharika issued a Godly statement following criticism by opposition parties that he is ignoring the plight of Malawians by letting them suffer in his hands.

He explained, “God has given us the power to blame everything on our neighbors and the government.  God has given us the power of thought, the collected choice to move forward in every situation. We are more than a chosen people because we are a choosing people.

‘Without temptation of fear we can make the right choices for ensured decision and conquer our goals. For me and some of you faith is the cure against fear. Let’s learn to love those who hate us and sinners. As one people let’s be trustworthy and people of integrity, trust will make us be honest to ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Mutharika is facing is facing a fierce backlash following the countries and socio-economic woes and ultimatum by the opposition Malawi Congress Party MCP and Peoples Party calling him to step down.


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