Thyolo, Mulanje Vow to Form a State

By: Chikondi Magalasi

Malawians will be patiently waiting to see what will happen to President Peter Mutharika if plans of forming an independent nation for people in his district Thyolo and Mulanje are fulfilled.

Malawians working in tea estates
Malawians working in tea estates

Some angry concerned people from two districts have vowed to go ahead with their idea of forming a State through an organization called Peoples Land Organization (PLO) claiming that Malawi government has failed to address their land concerns with European Estates Owners in the districts.

PLO Leader, Vincent Wandale said local people from Thyolo and Mulanje want the lands that are idle and belongs to Europeans be given back to them.

Wandale challenged those saying that the two district will struggle economically once disband from Malawi.

He said the two district will generate enough money compared to Malawi government and in no time will be ranked the richest in the African continent.

” United States of Thyolo and Mulanje  is the richest State in Africa, it makes close to US$4 billion per month when we sell macadamia nuts which is a total budget for Malawi per year,” claimed Wandale.

He however further questioned the legitimate government by letting these Estates not to pay tax. He insisted the situation will change once the two district become independent.

“Why is Malawi leaving these people to steal by not paying tax to the government? once we fulfill this and become United States of Thyolo and Mulanje they will be paying,” uttered PLO Leader.

Responding to PLO claims, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu admitted that he is aware of the matter but he called for patient.

“Government has been looking into the matter, these Estates that are in Thyolo and Mulanje have been there for a long time, so they need to be patient,” said Tembenu.

The Justice and Constitutional affairs Minister further urged Malawians to stop giving specified period of time to authorities to address the issue.

“Let’s learn to have patience, we should not give ultimatums to the government to resolve any matter, this cannot be so helpful,” added Tembenu.

Reacting to Minister remarks, Wandale cited that the matter resurfaced in 2009 and government has failed to address the issue.

“We have waited for so long and we are tired, we want to take another action using laws,” said Wandale.

Apart from demanding for the idle land from the Estates owner, the organization is also claiming some money for all used estate land from 1914 from people who own estates in the two tea growing districts.

Malawi’s tea industry started around 1800’s by colonial masters and the industry occupies thousands of hectares of land which are believed to have been grabbed from natives.

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