Mzuzu International Academy Wins ‘Your World’ Competition

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Mzuzu International Academy has emerged as winners for British Council’s ‘Your World’ global competition in which students were asked to make videos about their lives in their community.

Out-beats other other international school
Out-beats other international schools

Through the competition, students from Malawi, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan and UAE learnt first-hand about the lives of fellow students from different cultures.

British Council’s Director Reena Johl said: “We are delighted that Mzuzu Academy chose to take part in this global competition and by doing so opened up a window for the world to see and learn about their school community here in Malawi.We congratulate all students who took part.”

They are Rahim Michael Sadik, Mathew Mbale, Wongani Lungu, Kike Nyirenda, Tamara Msachi and Tupochele Chatuwa.

The inspirational global competition was launched in October 2015 and Partner Schools Network of British Council (these are schools who take UK school examinations) were eligible.

The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

The organization is found in six continents and over 100 countries, bringing international opportunity to life, every day.

You can watch Mzuzu Academy’s winning video and the others on

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