Crime Cases Decreases during Easter Period

By: Lackson Kanyoza


At least seven serious crime cases were recorded during this year’s Easter holiday celebrations across the country, police have confirmed.

Gondwa: cases have reduced this year
Gondwa: cases have reduced this year

According to National police spokesperson Nicolas Gondwa, this year’s records have decreased by 50% compared to last year when there were 14 registered cases.

The cases are two murders, three robberies, one burglary and theft and breaking and entry to commit a felony.

“This year we registered a decrease in number of cases just because there were more uniformed police officers in the crime prone areas. There was also a good relationship between police and members of the general public and good intelligence collection by detectives leading to a timely response to calls,” said Gondwa.

As for road accidents 13 cases were recorded, unlike last year when 15 road accidents were recorded representing 13% decrease.

Out of the 13 accidents, six were fatal while last year 9 was fatal. This represents 33% decrease in fatalities.

The Central region recorded the highest number of road accidents with 6, southern had 3 while North and Eastern regions had 2 cases respectively.

“This has happened because we had intensive traffic checks and patrols with all the stakeholders at the Department of Road Traffic and safety services. We also had a vigorous sensitization campaign by different officers within the police such as traffic branch, public relations and community policing services branch as well as co-operation from the public in response to road safety messages,” he said.


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