Baby boy found dumped in the bush

By Thula Chisamba

An undisclosed prostitute has abandoned a newly born baby boy, in the shrubs of Kapiri within Eswazini area in Mzimba district.

Found dumped in the bushes
Found dumped in the bushes

A woman who discovered the baby crying told our reporter that she was ‘bowled over’ after finding the baby in a very pathetic state.

“I was on my way to my maize field about some metres away when I heard the baby crying in the bush.

When I rushed over to see what was happening, I was shocked to learn that it was a newly born baby boy, who possibly had been dumped by the mother some minutes before,” she said.

She then took the baby to Lunjika health center, where medics reported the matter to Police.

Meanwhile, a manhunt has been launched on the suspected mother to the baby who is now at large.

However, some reports suggest that the prostitute might be working in one of the taverns at Mzimba trading center.

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