CCAP pastor receiving death threats

By Thula Chisamba

At the zenith of a religious drama, reverend Gondwe of Edingeni Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) has claimed that he is receiving death threats over church wrangles.

Nyondo: The actions are anti Christian
Nyondo: The actions are anti-Christian

Recently, The Malawi Star published an article which highlighted a picture on the squabbles that have emerged in the church owing to a power struggle.

The article unveiled the two rival camps which have surfaced among Christians at the church.

Nonetheless, the story has taken another twist, as some church members who are against Gondwe are sending him death threats.

“They denied to hand over my house keys at Edingeni but as I am struggling to settle, some have started threatening me.

I was sent here by authorities but the treatment I am getting is very bad and unacceptable, I am extremely worried,” said Gondwe.

Information shows that a certain pressure group in the church has since written the synod to fire Gondwe and hire them another reverend on unspecified grounds.

During Easter celebrations, church goers at Edingeni chased Gondwe and invited reverend Chimphepo from Embangweni to lead them in prayers.

“I then gathered the few Christians who are behind me at Kaka where we conducted our prayers. From that day, I began receiving the threats,” he said.

When The Malawi Star team attended prayers at Edingeni on Easter Sunday, some Christians confirmed that they do not want Gondwe to be their reverend thus they treat him harshly.

They assume that he (Gondwe) is the one who facilitated the firing of his predecessor, Gowa Nyasulu, whom they loved his leadership.

“This will end only if authorities send us another reverend because we hate Gondwe so much. We don’t want him to be leading us here, he must be posted elsewhere,” said Moses Phiri-director of youth at the church.

However, the synod’s general secretary, Levie Nyondo has trashed Edingeni CCAP members over their barbarism citing their actions are against Christian principles.

“We will thus not send them another pastor because, they are a shame to CCAP,” said Nyondo.

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  1. abusa Gondwe sanatikhumudwisepo ife tangodabwa mbuli muuzimu zaku Mwadingeni.Mulungu akukhululukileni chifukwa even church mukuwazunzilacho anamangisa ali kwathu ku Kamsolo.Mulungu sataya wake mudzangotengapo nsambi kulimbana ndi ake ozozedwa.

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