‘Mlaka’ Rescued from Angry Mob

Police in Machinjiri township of Blantyre on Saturday rescued a suspect from an angry mob believed to have stolen a 50kg of cement and a wheelbarrow.

Police suspect rescued from angry mob
Police suspect rescued from angry mob

The suspect who is a builder and well-known in the area as ‘Mlaka’ stole the items from his boss.

According to an eyewitness who was at scene said Mlaka stole a bag of cement and a wheelbarrow and sold them in the same area

The suspected was hunted down after the owner realized the disappearance of the goods.

“He stole the items and he was nowhere to be seen up for a week. Then we found the suspect at a drinking joint where he has squandered the money. After asking him where he sold the items, with the influence of alcohol he started shouting at his boss with obscene language.

“This remarks angered a lot of people who gathered at the scene. Eventually, they started pounding the suspect to reveal where he sold the items,” said the source.

However, police came at the scene immediately where they rescue the suspect but was already in bloodshed.

After interrogating, he revealed that he sold the cement and the wheelbarrow to a certain woman in the area at K8 000.

People in Machinjiri are reported getting furious with the increase of theft more especially maize in their field.

The development has made people start harvesting their maize while it is not yet dried.

Mlaka hails from Chiwere village T/A Machinjiri is and has now spent days in a cell at South Lunzu police station.

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