Baby-boom in Malawi Pubs shocks authorities

 By: Thula Chisamba

Latest findings by The Malawi Star, reveals that there is an increase in the number of babies born in drinking joints across some districts in Malawi’s northern region.

Kaliati: More determined effort required
Kaliati: More determined effort required

On the other hand, the population of underage prostitutes is also growing dangerously.

In recent consecutive visits in about ten pubs, particularly in Nkhata bay, Mzimba, Rumphi, Karonga and Mzuzu, this publication has established that the number of sex workers is directly proportional, to the population of babies being raised in the same pubs.

According to Chikondi, one of the workers told our reporter that the situation is triggered by poverty.

“We can charge up to MK 10,000 for clients who prefer unprotected sex, which in most cases results in unwanted pregnancies,” said Maria Zimba at Mzimba pub.

Linda Shaba at Wills tavern in Mzuzu, who also raises her two-year-old baby, she got through her business, told our reporter that she failed to conduct an abortion despite several attempts.

“I then decided to raise the baby after medics at Banja La Mtsogolo refused to help me,” she said.

At Mpamba in Nkhata bay, another worker testified that raising a baby in a tavern is challenging because their clients usually snub mothers.

“This makes us liquor-feed our babies so that they sleep before our clients discover that we have children,” she said.

In veracity, these babies are raised in a doom and gloomy circumstances and surroundings but unfortunately, nothing is implemented to save them from such depraved places.

When Pressed, Minister of gender, disability and children welfare, Patricia Kaliati, concurred with our findings but was quick to invite a determined effort from Malawians, as one way of reducing the problem.

“Government alone cannot manage to solve the problem, but I believe that with contributions from everybody, it can be possible,” said Kaliati.

More non-governmental organizations are being born, in the name of eradicating the problem but nothing tangible is being achieved so far.


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