Three Women Fight over a Man

By: Happy Arnold Soko

A relationship is not just one to one ratio anymore like how it once was. An argument between three women over one man erupted at a rest house in Ntcheu at Sangano turnoff and turned into a brawl.

photo file, women fighting
(photo file) women fighting

According to the source at the scene, a renowned businessman was spotted taking a woman at a nearby resthouse. But when other two side women heard of the development, they followed him and found him in a room with another woman.

After bumping into each other, the three exchanged brawls before police rescued them.  The fight started with a verbal confrontation before turning into something serious.

Said the source, “it all started with confrontation shouting at each other ‘stop sleeping with somebody’s man’ before all three women exchanged fingers.”

While at the center of the fight the businessman had escaped by.

The other woman struck a fellow lady in the face with a sharp object whereas the other grabbed her by the back of her hair and threw her on the ground.

A police report says two of the women suffered marks to their necks and upper chest while the other had scratch marks to the neck and upper chest and slightly swollen and bloodshot right eye.

Meanwhile, all the three women have been admitted to Ntcheu District Hospital.




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