Man Caught Red Handed Killing Albino Child

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Police in Chikhwawa on Saturday caught red handed Thomas Ling’awa attempting to kill an albino child, The Malawi Star can reveal.

Living in fear
Living in fear

According to the source, Ling’awa is suspected to have kidnapped the albino child from her parents on early hours of the same day. The source close to this publication revealed that police launched a manhunt of the kidnapper after parents reported their child disappearance.

“It’s by grace that police arrested him before killing the innocent child. This was after the parents reported the disappearance of their child. The suspect was about to murder the child when police arrested him.” explained the source.

The suspected was apprehended on the banks of Mkombezi river and he was about to take the life of the child.

He identified the victim as Mwandakis Eliasi.

Both Ling’awa and Eliasi hails from Nchalo, village Headman Ndakwera of traditional Authority Chapananga.


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