Liyabunya Envisions South Africa’s Impending Clashes

By: Thula Chisamba

A South African based, Malawian renowned, Prophet Austine Liyabunya, has called on South Africans to pray for their country in accordance with his latest version of prophetic vision.

blood shed to happen in South Africa
bloodshed to happen in South Africa

He says, after being in the closet for some days, God has unveiled to him that without prayers, South Africa might face the worst bloodshed and loss of lives in its history.

“I saw a rainbow which stayed for some few seconds and after it disappeared, I  saw two clouds that closed [in on] each other in the same place where I saw the rainbow,” reads part of his prophecy.

He went on further to clarify that the clashes will be caused by some underground political squabbles, and that if South Africans snub his prophecy, some lives will be lost due to the clashes.

“God must protect his people because I see guns and without prayers lives will be lost,” adds part of the prophecy.

Liyabunya emerged into the limelight in 2009 after he made what others assumed to be an accurate prophecy when he predicted the victory of Malawi president Peter Mutharika in the past tripartite polls.

However, some critics accused him of being a false prophet, after he prophesized the death of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, whom he said would die before 2016.


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