CHAM Bemoans project Termination

By Eric Nantchengwa

The Norwegian Church Aid has phased out its maternal and neo-natal project rendered to Community Christian Health Association of Malawi_CHAM health facilities channelled through CHAM secretariat.

Mafatse Sesani: It's a blow to service delivery
Mafatse Sesani: It’s a blow to service delivery

The three-year project was aimed at increasing awareness among men on the importance of participating in maternal and neonatal care services in the country.

It has been a trend in this country for men to shun escorting their wives to the hospital when they are expectant because they lack the understanding of the importance of giving full support to their wives and children.

Mafatse Sesani a CHAM Project Manager responsible for Maternal and Neonatal Project, expressed worry over the phasing out of the project and wished it was implemented since it has helped many people.

Sesani stressed that they are many success stories that come along with the project in the health services and it has helped men to change their mindset on the way they perceive maternal and neonatal issues.

“The project has helped to change people’s mindsets as far as health is concerned. It has increased male involvement and participation in maternal and neonatal health services and cases of women delivering babies at home have been greatly reduced.

We don’t know what will become of the facilities with the phasing out of the project, it has been of great help to our CHAM facilities but we still understand that any project comes to an end.” explained Sesani.

Among the health services that benefited from the project were ST’ ANNES Healthy facility from Karonga, Mvera healthy facility and Tholowa health centre in Machinga Central.

Other activities involved renovating the health facilities, training the health workers and increasing community interaction by increasing awareness, parenting, maternal and neonatal healthy services.


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