Mzuzu Stadium Fence reconstruction to Swallow K10M

By: Thula Chisamba

It has been established that the reconstruction project of Mzuzu stadium fence which collapsed on Tuesday, will cost about MWK10 million.

Bad weather destroys the stadium
Bad weather destroys the stadium

Soccer fanatics in the country had a rude awakening on Tuesday upon hearing from the Local media reports that heavy rains buckled part of the stadium fence.

Some shivered with uncertainty as to whether the state of affairs would cause any inconvenience to northern region super league teams because they wholly depend on the same as their home ground.

“What if the reconstruction process delays? Won’t that compromise our teams? I am just worried,” stressed Ras Juma, Moyale barracks supporter.

The Mzuzu city council, also regard the stadium as its prime revenue hub, especially during the super league season thus some feared if the tragedy will affect cash flow at the council.

However, Mzuzu city council chief executive officer, Macloud Kadam’manja, told The Malawi Star that his office will make sure the fence is fixed before the commencement of this year’s super league season.

He said, currently, a contractor has already been identified and anytime the project may commence.

“The project may cost us about MWK10 million but it’s our promise that all will be set before the league commences,” said Kadam’manja.

The stadium which is already under renovation will in the impending season be used as a home ground for three teams, Chilumba, Mzuni and Moyale football club.

Recently, The Malawi Star published an article which highlighted how the Mzuzu city council is conducting some internal renovations in the stadium.

Authorities from Northern Region Football Association commended the city council for showing commitment in improving the place.

However, they urged authorities to speed up the process as days for commencement of the top flight league fast approaches.

Meanwhile, some reports The Malawi Star cannot independently confirm shows that the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) may ban the stadium from hosting super league games owing to its substandard.


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