Congestion Hit Malawi Hospitals

By: Eric Nantchengwa

Health system in the country succumbed to yet another difficult time as many referral hospitals are hard hit by congestion, a situation that is likely to threaten the health of the patients.

Qech hit by congestion
Qech hit by congestion

This is happening at a time when people are lamenting on the collapse of the health services such as drug shortages and scanty provision of food in the hospitals. This is forcing patients to survive only on one meal a day.

According to the investigation done by The Malawi Star, many hospitals are admitting three such children bed and it’s a trend that can fuel infections.

Reacting to the development, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital health service administrator Chikumbutso Tambala confirmed the situation and described it as pathetic and uncalled for, hence a need for immediate attention.

He said the trend is fueled by people flocking to the hospital since there is no district hospital in Blantyre and all the surrounding people depend on the central hospital, a situation that could have been curbed if there was another hospital around.

“As a hospital we are really affected by the problem but there is nothing that we can do to in order to address the issue, though the ministry responsible said plans are underway to address the situation.

This week, we have emulated our friends from Kamuzu Central Hospital by introducing a bypass fee pegged at MK2500 to patients who has not gone through the health center so as to curtail the issue of congestion” he said.

Information that The Malawi Star has gathered further indicates that KCH is also sailing through the same problem.




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