Calls to split Mzimba Resurfaces

By: Thula Chisamba

In another contentious twirling of events, some local government authorities in Mzimba have resurfaced calls for authorities to split the district into two halves.

M'mbelwa vi facing the pressure
M’mbelwa vi facing the pressure

In an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star, they maintained that the immensity of the district is impeding development.

They went on to express dismay at how the district keeps on lagging behind in development despite being the country’s oldest in the country.

“What is the point of being the largest district in the country and yet underdeveloped? We must think outside the box and consider splitting it up,” said Fumu Mdolo, Kasito east ward councilor.

Daniel Nyirenda of Walura ward in Mzimba east, echoed the assertions, citing Mzimba is not a kingdom and it’s time to divide it for development sake.

“Splitting the district won’t compromise our unity. People must understand that we are advocating for this for the sake of transforming our district,” he said.

The Malawi Star understands that although Mzimba is the vastest district in Malawi, government allocates funds equal to other small districts like Likoma.

This has seen the district facing numerous challenges in implementing developmental projects in other areas due to lack of funds.

Historically, calls to have Mzimba split were trashed by Inkosi Yamakosi M’mbelwa IV who maintained that the suggestion would compromise unity in the district.

He suggested that, should government have the welfare of Mzimba people at heart, it should only increase funding and resources to the district but splitting it up was not the answer.

“That can never happen as long as I am alive. People of Mzimba believe in unity and that decision may only confuse my subjects,” he maintained.

Although he passed away, traditional leaders have vowed to never betray their fallen father but maintain their veto to the decision.

However, son to the deceased Inkosi M’mbelwa IV who succeeded him, told The Malawi Star on Monday that as much as the suggestion may be for the good of his subjects, he urged the advocates to consult widely.


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