Revealed: PP needs human Blood to be transformed

By Thula Chisamba

Shocking Information leaked to The Malawi Star has warned that Malawians risk dripping their own blood during a time when in-fighting continue to stagger the former ruling People’s Party.

Kachali: Whose faction is fighting against Mussah's faction
Kachali: Whose faction is fighting against Mussah’s faction

Insiders have confided that a rebellious faction in the northern Malawi has armed itself -to-the-teeth in making sure that human blood will fuel the transformation of the party.

The sources have declared that owing to the leadership crisis which has now splinted the party, Malawians may fall victims to the violence which is alleged to be funded by some top officials.

“Going to their rallies is at your own risk because now the two rival factions are set for violence which is  likely to see innocent Malawians become the unwilling victims,” said the insider.

He further warned People to be careful when putting on People’s Party garments citing, the said top officials have already planned to deal with anyone found wearing orange colours.

The Malawi Star understands that a hide and seek game has been launched in the party and unfortunately, it may even lead to lose of lives.

It has also been unveiled that the main cause and solution to the grumble is the party’s acting President Uladi Mussah, whom the rebellious grouping does not count on as duly elected.

“This faction still wants Khumbo Kachali to take over or else Malawians must expect more bloodbaths among members of the rival camps,” added the insider.

He also brought to light that Malawians must be aware that Christopher Mzomera Ngwira still claims to be a People’s Party member and is against any decision initiated by Uladi Mussa.

On his part, Mzomera Ngwira confided that he still remains People’s Party member because Uladi Mussa has no authority to fire him from the party.

He, however, brushed aside assertions that he is a prime sponsor of Panga wielding thugs who are currently wounding people in all the rallies involving PP.

Reacting to the issue, the party’s Secretary-General, Ibrahim Matola, said the power struggle and violence shows that the party is rebuilding.



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