Speaker Threatens to Kill MP

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Things did not go well with the outspoken Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kaluwa on Friday after 2015-2016 mid-year budget deliberation following the death threats from Deputy Second Speaker of Parliament Clement Chiwaya.

Kamlepo Kaluwa: Facing death threats
Kamlepo Kaluwa: Facing death threats

According to inside sources, Kamlepo Kaluwa raised a motion for the suspension of the two deputy speakers for misplacing government funds.

According to his facebook post, Peoples Party (PP) Vice president revealed that Chiwaya threatened to kill him in a phone call.

“Imagine right after Parliament,  I get a call from the Deputy Speaker Chiwaya saying he will kill me, imagine that! Is this guy serious? So if he kills me does he kill the truth?” questioned Kaluwa

The threats were made soon after Parliament and the speaker openly told him to be very careful of him.

During the opening of the 46th Session, Kaluwa accused Capitol Hill of playing double standards in the way it is handling the purchase of vehicles for government departments.

He was forefront in accusing government about the vehicles that were bought for the President, Vice President and other senior government officials.

He accused Government of purchasing four vehicles for the President worth K650 million, four VXs for the Vice President worth K280 million, 10 Prado’s for senior officials worth K1 billion and 30 Land Cruisers for Principal Secretaries worth K2.6 billion.

The revelation seem to have been haunting Chawaya who has since planned to get rid of Kaluwa.

Neither the Deputy Second Speaker nor Kaluwa were available for comment.


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