Msonda secretly dating Khumbo Kachali

By Thula Chisamba

Malawi’s former ruling People’s party (PP) publicity secretary Kenneth Msonda has reportedly been having some meetings ‘behind-closed-doors’ with Khumbo Kachali.

Mussa: Being undermined
Mussa: Being undermined

Inside sources have reported that Msonda usually meet Kachali ‘on the sly’ to discuss how the party’s acting president, Uladi Mussa, can be tumbled.

Though The Malawi Star cannot independently bear out the assertions, sources have reliably confided to this publication that Msonda is presently having a taut rapport with Kachali.

“It should be understood that what they usually discuss, is how they can topple Uladi Mussa. We have information that they are having some secret meetings often, thus Mussa must be alert as anything can happen,” said the source.

Their meetings have caused tumult within the party as most partisans regard Khumbo Kachali as a threat to Uladi Mussa’s presidency.

Members who are adherent to Mussa believes that Kachali is an instigator of a

Kachali: Secretly meeting Msonda
Kachali: Secretly meeting Msonda

rebellious faction which is wholly against Mussa’s appointment as the party’s acting president.

“It’s easy to suspect Msonda because he is having secret meetings with a person who is a threat to the future of our mighty party. I still believe that the truth behind their meetings will transpire sooner or later but to the disadvantage of Mussah,” added the source.

Joyce Banda: Under self imposed exile
Joyce Banda: Under self-imposed exile

Of late, Peoples Party has been sailing through various stories of infightings owing to the leadership crisis and the prolonged self-imposed exile of the party’s architect, Joyce Banda.

The Malawi Star can establish that the infighting has resulted in the splitting up of the party into two equal factions, one of Khumbo Kachali and the other for Uladi Mussa.

“Khumbo and Mzomera Ngwira hired thugs to kill Uladi Mussa in Mzuzu and are still funding the same to be disrupting the party meetings and yet Msonda is tight with Khumbo? Only God knows,” added the source.

Nevertheless, Kenneth Msonda brushed the allegations aside on grounds that being a people’s party member does not restrict him to meet with any Malawian.

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