CZ Police Intensify Security In ADMARCs

By Lackson Kanyoza.

In an effort to curb corruption which has risen in many ADMARC depots in the country, police in Chiradzulu have embarked on a project to intensify and tighten security in all Admarc depots in the district.

Chiradzulu Police: No more corruption in Admarc depots
Chiradzulu Police: No more corruption in Admarc depots

The initiative was revealed on Tuesday during an awareness campaign on the dangers of corruption which was organised by Chiradzulu Community Policing at Sedi ground.

Speaking during the ceremony, Chiradzulu police community co-ordinator Kingsley Mvuthe said the district is heavily affected by corruption in the Admarc depots hence the awareness campaign.

“We have received a lot of reports from various depots that vendors are benefiting most instead of the community. They buy a lot of maize and sell us at a high price. But this time, it will not happen again and our police will not spare them. I am also told that other people are being used in these malpractices. The vendors are using you to buy maize for them but in the end, you get nothing from them. This should stop immediately, “warned Mvuthe.

Mvuthe then revealed that his office will deploy enough police officers in various Admarc depots to ensure there is enough security.

“From today onwards we are going to ensure that before the maize is offloaded at any Admarc  depot, the police will be informed to verify if it is relevant or no shortage at all. We will send enough police officers to monitor and maintain order in all depots, “he said.

In his remarks, T/A Ntchema said they will establish a committee that will work hand in hand with the Village Development Committee (VDC) in curbing the malpractices.

This initiative comes barely weeks after Chiradzulu police trained 30 security guards to bring safety and security in the district more especially at Chiradzulu Teachers Training College where thugs attacked the college and stole a lot of school property.

The involvement of members in community policing is to ensure that they work hand in hand with the guards since they may have knowledge on the people who have been terrorising the district and can easily recognise them.


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