Chisi ‘Attacks’ Mutharika

By Lackson Kanyoza

Professor John Chisi who is also Umodzi party president has urged the president not to be emotional but rather be accommodative enough to listen what poor Malawians are saying in the country.

Prof John Chisi: The President should not be emotional
Prof John Chisi: The President should not be emotional

“It’s unfortunate that our president feels intimidated by the local press but he has a system in place. He does have credit to himself but he can use press officers to read and then they can guide and advise him. If he totally does not want to listen to what Malawians are saying, then he will never be fully informed of what is happening in our nation. He is our father and our leader and he needs to take everything he has received. He should not be emotional because it’s not to the advantage of us as people or him as our leader,” said Chisi.

President Peter Mutharika continues to face many criticisms over his remarks that he will never follow channels where poor Malawians use to pass information to his government.

Mutharika emphasised that he will stop reading Malawian newspapers or watch local Television stations except MBC and international channels like BBC and CNN and he said Malawi’s media channels are full of trash. He spoke this on Saturday when he was laying a foundation stone for Deayeng Luke University teaching hospital

The Umodzi party leader added that as a president he is our leader and if he does not want to listen to Malawians then his love for the country and leadership is questionable.

“Malawians cannot be proud of a leader who doesn’t want to listen to them. As a leader, he needs to be informed because he is leading us; he is not going to lead angels. We are just as human as he is. So he needs to feel the pain he accepted to be our leader so as far as he is the president he must take a step we give him with courage, determination and will power knowing that it is for the betterment of our nation.

“He needs to be patient even if he feels a bit of pain he needs to show a loving heart and attitude. I hope our president will still love us regardless of our weaknesses as humans,” said Chisi.

He further said that the more people hurt him the more he should love them no matter what situations.

Misa-Malawi southern chapter president Thom Khanje was also on record saying Mutharika’s speech was worrisome by publicly announcing that he will stop listening to the local media.

“For the president, that is not a good idea taking into consideration that people who put them in power voice out their concerns through local channels. He just showed us his arrogance and that’s the power that needs to be trimmed,” he said.

However, Mutharika maintained that he is following Joyce Banda who also announced her veto to Malawian media during her reign.



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