Bullets Players Boycott Training

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa
A storm is refusing to calm down at Big Bullets following a decision by players to boycott training if Titha Mandiza and her crew continue serving the club following weeks of unrest within the people’s team.

Bullets players signatures
Bullets players signatures

The Malawi Star has reliably been informed that every Bullets player has signed a petition to remove Mandiza, Sadick Maling, Noel Lipipa and Alex Gondwe from their respective positions.

The team was scheduled to start training on Wednesday but players refused to continue the session after being notified that despite stakeholders meeting on Tuesday, the said members are still serving their positions at the club.

“We were told that the meeting on Tuesday ended well, but we are surprised to see Mandiza and her friends continuing serving the club yet they are the ones disturbing our team.

“We will not train unless they are removed from their positions. We have signed the petition to demand the removal of these four people, if not, we won’t resume our pre-season training,” said the players at Kamuzu Stadium.

On his part, supporter’s executive committee Chairman Stone Mwamadi told the players that their demands will be met.

“They are the ones playing for the club and if they are unhappy with the said members, we don’t have any choice but to remove them from their respective positions.”

“We are promising them that their demands will be met. We will not compromise,” he said.

The players made it clear that they will never betray Sam Chilunga who has improved their welfare since taking over from Kondi Msungama.

Chilunga, who threatened to resign from his position as Chairman, raised the players’ salaries, with the highest earning more than K100 thousand per month, a move that led to the in-house fighting as Mandiza and his crew were against the pay rise.


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