Mutharika Vows Never to Hear from Poor Malawians

By: Thula Chisamba

The controversial Malawian President, Peter Mutharika has vowed never to hear the concerns and criticisms from the poor Malawians.

Mutharika: labeled as arrogant president
Mutharika: labeled as arrogant president

Mutharika emphasized that he will never follow channels where poor Malawians use to pass information to his government.

As that was just a preamble, Mutharika who looked like meaning every word also told Malawians that he stopped following the local online channel of passing information two years ago.

“I would rather follow foreign channels of information like CNN, BBC and others than following the local ones which are nothing but full of trash,” he said.

His sentiments have not gone well with some Malawians who have dressed him down for speaking without reasoning about the impact of his speech.

A Lecturer in at the Mzuzu University, Chrispine Mphande described such sentiments as uncalled for and not worthy to come from a head of state like him.

“So if he will never follow the local media, how will he appreciate the suffering of Malawians? Is he serious that he will be able to help the poor Malawians by following foreign media? Personally, I don’t think that is worthy,” said Mphande.

Another social commentator, Emily Mkamanga urged Mutharika to be editing his speech before going on to the podium as one way of avoiding speaking useless things.

She said it becomes worrisome when a leader of the country publicly announces never to hear the sufferings of Malawians through the local media.

“Mutharika must know that poor Malawians can only voice out their concerns through the same local media and not CNN. Therefore, if he really wants to help his people, following the local media is a must,” said Mkamanga.

However, Mutharika maintained that he is following Joyce Banda who also announced her veto to Malawian media during her reign.


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