Mutharika Dares Prophet TB Joshua

By: Chikondi Magalasi

Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has challenged famous Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua that his prophecies will not be fulfilled this time as it was the case in Bingu’s era.

Mutharika: Joshua must be joking
Mutharika: Joshua must be joking

He made these remarks as there are reports that Joshua stated in his prophecy that the Malawian Leader will die before 1st April this year alongside Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe.

Addressing the gathering when he was laying a foundation stone for Deayang University Teaching Hospital (DUTH) in Lilongwe on Saturday, Mutharika admitted that he is aware of the prophecy.

“They are saying that a Person from Nigeria, Joshua, has said that Mugabe and Peter Mutharika will die before April 1st,” He said.

The Malawi leader went on to say that Joshua’s prophecy will not work this year as it was the case in 2012.

“Let me tell you Joshua and the sisters that are working together with you,  that you are going to fail. What you did in 2012 won’t happen this year,” uttered the President.

Mutharika took the collapse of Joshua’s church building known as Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in September 2014 as a proof to him that he is but a fake Prophet.

“If Joshua knows about the future, why did he allow his own Church to collapse and kill 90 people,” asked Mutharika.

However, the first Citizen continued saying that the renowned West African Preacher is a liar and is after money.

“Why did he not stop the collapsing of SCOAN building from happening? This shows that he is a liar, he is there only to raise money,” uttered the Head of State.

Joshua is well known across the Continent with his prophecies that are said to have been fulfilled such as the deaths of Former Head of State of this country, Bingu Wa Mutharika and and American Singer Michael Jackson.

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  1. Please please, don’t involve the man of God in issues of dat kind,i would like you resight on the prophecy once again, the prophet didn’t mention anybody’s name that he will die, you people fed the President wrong info which had lead to all this ernemity.y re u also skipping some of the prophecy concerning tje draught in southern africa?b carefull……

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