Granny Killed over MK7000 in Nkhatabay


Reports reaching The Malawi Star indicate that 28 year old Maxwell Nyirongo has killed his granny over a financial misunderstanding in Nkhatabay District, northern Malawi.

Witnesses have reported that Maxwell demanded MK7000 from his granny but his efforts failed and .his granny declined to give him even part of the total demanded amount.

Maxwell became agitated and began beating his granny, eventually rendering her unconscious. When people came to calm the situation, the granny had already sustained heavy internal injuries.

They immediately rushed her to the hospital, however she was pronounced dead upon arrival and medical examinations have concluded that she died due to severe internal injuries.

The Malawi Police in the district have nabbed Maxwell and charged him with first degree murder.

Separate information indicates that Maxwell has been causing other trouble in this area and was recently arrested on theft charges.

Maxwell hails from Chilambwe village, sub T/A Fukamalaza in Nkhatabay District.

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