Government and YPCM to Meet in Court

By: Thula Chisamba

A grouping under the umbrella body of Young Pastors Coalition of Malawi (YPCM) has resurrected a court case in which it sued the Malawian Government for siding with homosexuals in the country.

Pastors' coalition geared up
Pastors’ coalition geared up

Recently, the government broke its silence on homosexuality legalization calls by publicly supporting the same through the removal of laws restricting such practices.

Through the Attorney General, the Malawian government has lifted the laws and allowed same-sex marriages in the country.

This has caused great excitement among the homosexuals who became very free to the extent that they would go to some public shows where they publicly started practicing the showing of ‘love’ to their same-sex partners.

The development irked some Pastors under YPCM who dragged the government to court for a comprehensive explanation on the decision to allow homosexuality in the country.

“How can they be removing the laws without a full parliamentarians’ consultation? We thought laws were created by parliament and can only be removed by the same? Why then are they taking the laws into their own hands? We will meet in court,” said Patrick Banda, President of the grouping.

Through their Lawyer George Kadzipatike of Jivason and Company, they have managed to obtain an injuction restraining government from proceeding with the decision of allowing or decriminalizing homosexuality .

However, the government has advised the Pastors Coalition to drop the case citing it was  important for homosexuals to be given their rights.

But speaking with The Malawi Star on Wednesday, Patrick Banda said they are now geared up to meet government in court.

He stressed though for financial support from the general public in order to pay the Legal team so that they can speed up the process.

“Those who feel like helping us financially can do so my meeting with me or going directly to Jivason and Company to pay any amount that they can afford to support us so that we can manage to argue the case in court,” said Banda.

Meanwhile, some human rights defenders in the country have blamed the Pastors for failing to understand human rights issues by taking homosexuality issues to court.


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