MET Predicts Heavy Rainfall

By: Lackson Kanyoza

The department of climate change and Meteorological Services (MET) has issued a severe weather warning for a three-day increased rainfall amount across the country due to the  active Congo air mass moving Southward through the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) into the Zambezi Valley.

Last year's flood destruction
Last year’s flood destruction

In a statement released in Blantyre, Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services Jolam Nkhokwe said that from Thursday 10th March to Sunday 14th, the Northern part of the country will experience heavy rains which will trigger with flash floods.

“The widespread airy rainfall over the northern areas will come due to the presence of the ITCZ and the Congo air mass mainly into the parts of  Northern region,” reads the statement.

Nkhokwe noted that the existence of airy widespread and scattered rainfall associated with heavy downfall is expected to trigger floods in all flood prone districts where soil is already wet.

He therefore, advised that one strategy of reducing catastrophic floods involves planting more trees and protecting or generating forests that exists upstream on the prone areas.

Nkhokwe further warned that during this period severe thunderstorms are expected and would be accompanied by ghastly winds and lightning because of the accumulation of heat energy in the atmosphere.

“The general public is therefore being advised to be indoors during periods of severe thunderstorms to avoid lightning strikes and should take extra care when crossing swelling rivers,” cautioned Nkhokwe.

All flood prone districts such as, Nsanje, Chikhwawa, Phalombe and Karonga are expected to be affected.



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