Mayaya Branded “Hypocrite”

By: Thula Chisamba

Some Malawians in the northern region main city of Mzuzu have branded one of human rights activist Billy Mayaya a “hypocrite” and challenged that they will not take part in his anti-government demonstrations scheduled on Thursday, 10th March this year.

Mayaya: Branded 'Hypocrite'
Mayaya: Branded ‘Hypocrite’

Mayaya and his team plans to hold protests to pressurize the government to sort out some social and economical woes currently rocking the country.

But speaking in random interviews conducted by The Malawi Star team on Tuesday across the city, most interviewees also maintained that demonstrations are not the solution to the problems that the country is currently going through.

They went on to assume that by participating in such events on the said date will only make Mayaya richer than ever.

“I can never do that in my life trust me. In fact on that date I will be selling my Kaunjika in town and not waste any of my time in such a useless event,” said Moses Jumah.

Chimango Sambo concurred with Jumah citing that Mayaya and his team must find other means of getting rich and not deceiving the people with demonstrations.

It is believed by many that the organizers of such demos might be influenced by financial benefits that they get from government critics.

Against the same background, most of them emphasized never to take part in demonstrations which are also said to have proven to be useless.

“Government never responds to that so why should we be demonstrating over and over again? Just last week Sandra Kamanga and his team demonstrated and we are yet to see the fruits of that then why should we go again on Thursday? I will not be part of that,” said Elizabeth Mbewe.

It was also noted during the interviews that some are afraid of attending anti-government protests because memories of 20th July, 2011 killings are still fresh.

Nonetheless, Mayaya urged Malawians to realize that demonstrating their concern to government is part of their human rights thus they must attend.

“Let’s patronize the demos and show them our concerns,” said Mayaya.


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