DPP starts Distributing Maize flour in ‘Wokomani’

By: The Malawi Star

As hunger is hitting hard in the country Ruling Democratic Progressive Party members have started distributing Maize flour in plastic bags locally known as ‘wokomani.’

DPP members receiving wokomani
DPP members receiving wokomani

The Malawi Star has been tipped that the party’s regional governor Dean Josiah Banda went to  Mtsiliza in Lilongwe to distribute maize flour in small plastics.

The development follows scarcity of Maize in Agricultural Development Marketing Cooperation (ADMARC) deports across the country.

This comes barely two weeks after Peter Mutharika administration suspended well wishers from distribution free maize.

Each party member received less than a kg pack of maize flour.

Ealier last month consumer and human rights activist, John Kapito condemned government for being clueless, helpless and inconsiderate in finding solutions to the current food shortage the country is facing.

Kapito branded the current shortage and higher prices of maize on the market as shame to the nation and called on government to act immediately if the country is to be saved from the looming crisis.

Kapito added that the current food shortage has contributed to the high cost of living among Malawians.

Private traders are currently selling the grain at exorbitant prices with a 50kg bag going at a minimum of K15, 000 in some markets, while the government-owned Admarc sells 50kg bag at K5, 500.



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