Body of a kidnapped Boy Found Dead in a Bag in Chikhwawa

By: Happy Arnold Soko

The body of a kidnapped boy of around 12-year-old was found dead in a bag on Monday morning in Chikhwawa District, The Malawi Star can reveal.

According to a source close to this publication, the man whose identity is yet to be revealed kidnapped the boy  and was heading to Mozambique to sale him.

The boy’s body was found inside a black bag, stuffed inside the other. It was clothed in a clean shirt. The body was  badly suffocated but not cut up or dismembered, the source said.

Meanwhile The Malawi Star is yet to be informed on the details of the dead body.

There is an increase of human body parts business in the lower shire districts. Recently other 8 people were torched to death for possessing human bones which they were supposed to sale in Mozambique.

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  1. Zoona mai ndi bambo adzunzike kulera khanda ndiye wina kubwera kudzakubera ndiye kuthanakuthana basi MOB JUSTICE IGWIRE NTCHITO koma a Star mwanayo si waza 12 tiuzeni zoona apa

  2. Oooh, but if the story has NO real pictures try to give us the news @least wth the Police logo. Because in real sense a 12 year old boy can not look that much young like that 1 on the picture.

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