Starving Malawian Children Surviving on Fruit

She is Tafyakose Mhango, one of Malawian children surviving on fruits at Kanyika mining area in Mzimba.

Surviving on fruit…for now

You have to visit this area to understand how many Malawians are starving. The Malawi Star team was there today and can establish that Malawians are suffering beyond imagination.

They don’t have food and other basic needs you name them; the situation is growing desperate under Peter Mutharika.

But what has worsened the situation? Tafyakose’s mother, Jane Mhango said government restricted them to farm anywhere within the area because it has some mineral deposits.

She said, they were promised that government will provide them with food and some compensation but since then, nothing positive comes from the state.

“That is why we survive on wild fruits and poverty thatis now beyond our imagination,” said Mhango.

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