Malawians Branded Primitive for Believing in God

By: Thula Chisamba

The Association for Secular Humanism in Malawi has insisted that problems rocking the country are happening because people still believe in God and evil spirits that do not even exist.

Thindwa: malawians are being punished
Thindwa: malawians are being punished

Speaking with The Malawi Star on Monday, the association’s director George Thindwa maintained that it is worrisome that Malawians have stopped working hard with hopes that God will provide their needs.

He said such beliefs are impeding the development of this country because people have been cheated that their God is able for anything.

“Miracle things from God? That’s laughable and worrisome because that is making people to be lazy. They must just consider working hard and stop believing in that,” he said.

He went further by branding Malawians primitive for believing in evil spirits and witchcraft citing that such things do not exist and accusing someone of   this is against the laws of Malawi.

Thindwa said that he learns with great concern after reading media reports indicating the killing of the elderly people  on suspicions of witchcraft.

“It’s out of primitive thinking capacity that people do that. Witchcraft does not exist that is why the laws of Malawi do not recognize that. People must open their eyes and realize that witchcraft does not exist,” he added.

There have been series of reports on the rampant killings of people accused of witchcraft which have triggered debate as to whether the practice does exist.

On the other hand Thindwa sounded a warning that anyone involved in the killing of people on witchcraft grounds will be brought to book.

“They will be arrested and our association will make sure they rot in jail because what they are doing is unlawful,” he said.

Thindwa emerged to the limelight when he announced a reward of 1 million kwacha to anyone who will manage to bewitch him or perform witchcraft at his sight.

When asked for his comment on the matter, Pastor Francis Zoe Chituwi of Divine Partakers International in Lilongwe said, “They (the Secular Humanists) are the ones who are primitive,  full stop! If only they would listen I would prove to the existence of God.”

Chituwi: Thindwa is out of senses
Chituwi: Thindwa is out of senses

On the case of the killings Pastor Chituwi said, “we regret the action taken by the villagers by taking the Law into their own hands, hence going and killing those supected of Witchcraft..

However, the issue remains that Witchcraft exists…In Africa, in America, in Asia, In Europe…Whatsoever has a name, IS..

What Mr. Nthidwa is not aware of is the fact that the Devil’s  Kingdom thrives on Ignorance, Darkness, Secrecy and Mysteries. Ignorance is his number one weapon

He (Mr Thindwa) does not know that..he is in fact being used by the devil himself.”

Another reliable source that opted for anonymity said that he personally knows George Thindwa to be a ‘mad man’ and quoted the from the Bible verse where it is written “…a fool says there is no God…”

However some witchdoctors who claim to have tried to bewitch him allege that Thindwa is already having a witchdoctor  who is protecting him from any witchcraft

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  1. While we lament the actions of the those who killed the suspects of Witchcraft, I want to tell Mr. Nthindwa that that He is the who is Primitive, he is the one who is so beside in his understanding of things. In the Bible brands such folk as YOU FOOLS! Malawians are NOT primitive! God exists, the Devil exists, demons exists, Witchcraft exists!

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