Malawi Needs Spiritual Hearing

By: Lackson Kanyoza

The coordinator of the  International Repentance Movement Reverend Edward Mikwamba who have organizing prayers  to intercede for the problems rocking the country says Malawi is sick and needs God’s spiritual healing hand as a solution.

Mikwamba: Malawi needs Panado
Mikwamba: Malawi needs Panado

According to Rev Mikwanda in an interview says 62 prayer movements from various countries worldwide will from 1st  to 6th  March be joined together for prayers to repent for this country.

“All the preparations for the prayers are going on very well. The prayers will start on 1st of March up to the 6th . On 3rd march, we will converge on Soche Mountain to ask God for forgiveness.  Our country is very sick and need medication in the same way that a sick man needs Panado.

So the intercessory prayers will be for every Malawian who is concerned with numerous challenges that the country is swimming  through,’’ he said.

Mikwamba highlighted that the horrific killings of albinos, the cry for legalised abortion, same sex marriages, the brutal and killings of elderly people, the effects of climate change and the continual squandering of public resources are some but not all of the contributing factors towards all these problems.

“ Malawi and her people are suffering.  They are forced to sleep at the  ADMARC Markets searching in vain for maize. Others are queuing for madeya (maize husks).  We are killing each other like animals. So the prayers will help us and definitely God will hear our cry and have mercy on us,’’ he said.

He further explained that Government is yet to respond to their letter which was sent to them last week asking if the government can be part of the prayers.

Chairperson of the organizing committee reverend Sylvester Chabuka was quoted as calling all church and traditional leaders to join hands for the cause of the country.

The theme for the prayers for Malawi is ‘Lord heal our Land of Malawi’ which is taken from 2 Chronicles 7 from verses 14 that in part says “.if my people  which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV).

In a related development, some Pentecostal churches in Lilongwe city have organized special prayers for Malawi on several aspects including peace, political stability, and good rainfall distribution.

Petecostal Churches to pray for Malawi
Petecostal Churches to pray for Malawi

The prayers have been organized by United for Worship and will be held on 5th March at ICA Marquee under the theme ‘A Call to Prayer for Malawi’.

On 18 December 2015, president of Zambia Jonathan Lungu humbled himself before God for his country to be healed and  economically the situation  has greatly improved for the better.

Some of the church  organisation that will be available on the interceding prayers will include House of Prayers, Bible Society of Malawi, International Repentance Movement, United for Worship and others.

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