Official Secrets Act Fueling Corruption in Malawi

By: Thula Chisamba

It has been revealed that corrupt public civil servants who are misusing tax payers money in Malawi find refuge in the Official Secrets Act.

first cashgate convict
first cashgate convict

The Act, which was created deliberately, bars any public official from leaking official secret information to the general public.

According to information made available to The Malawi Star, some section of public servants made it clear that they are restricted from leaking any public secret.

“We cannot give you information because we are strictly told not to do so,” said a government minister who opted for anonymity.

Another official who is working at the treasury echoed the latter saying cashgate could have not been revealed if some private businessmen were not involved. He also added that the plan to loot public funds was a secret which was only shared to those who were loyal to their masters.

“If you want to disseminate information to the public, this act should be abolished otherwise, forget about justice in Malawi,” he said.

Media organizations in Malawi have asked authorities to pass Access to Information Bill into a law.

However, government officials are not willing to pass the bill as they have rejected it some time back during the Parliamentary seating.

This publication got hold of a copy which has explained that even if ATI bill is to be passed in the Legislatures house, access to public information will still be denied. The move has angered Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter President Thom Khanje.

Khanje; to fight for the ATI bill
Khanje; to fight for the ATI bill

“If it is still inferior to the Official Secrets Act, then it’s useless to make ATI bill into law,” said Khanje.

For the past two years, billions of Kwachas were plundered by top government official but only less than K500 million has been recove

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  1. Mbava izi….there is alot of money being stollen from government by those heading various hot positions….I have friends from the capital hill who have once told me that cashgate shall always be there and it is still there. the moment it was revealed you made those thieves reconstruct the system of swindling the tax pairs cash. ….The government is busy arresting innocent people instead of abolishing cashgate. but how can the government abolish cashgate yet it is the imposer and main beneficiary of tooted cash……to hell APM With his government.

  2. Malawians have the right to be informed of what is happening in their country so selfish leaders are not helping this country. Let us change for the better.

  3. Please all cashgate suspects should be brought to book immediately once they have been investigated fully and no one should be shielded by any top office bearers in the Government which was chosen by the people of this country if we are to show patriotism.

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