Expert Backs President Mutharika

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Lilongwe based political commentator Loudon Malingamoyo Phiri has quashed recent remarks made by opposition political party in the country that President Peter Mutharika should step down.

Malingamayo Phiri
Phiri; quash the remarks

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) recently urged Mutharika to step down for failing to sort out the current economic and hunger crisis being experienced in the country.

Speaking in an interview with The Malawi Star on Monday, Malingamoyo Phiri said the reasons opposition parties are giving for Mutharika to step down are not valid.  He questioned the procedure which the opposition will use to make Mutharika leave the office.

According to Phiri, Mutharika’s resignation will leave Malawi without a leader hence making everybody in charge of the landlocked country.

“You just don’t demand for the resignation of the president without giving valid reasons because if government has failed to run the country, they (MCP and PP) must provide solutions because opposition is also part of the government.”

“If the president steps down, who will take over from him? They are talking of a unity government but many of them do not even know what unity government is all about.” He explained.

Malingamoyo questioned whether the opposition has a candidate with the qualities and abilities to lead a unity government.

He also added that when everybody is in charge, nobody is in charge.

“Government is not controlled by everybody because when everybody is in charge, nobody is in control. As Malawians we need to be extremely careful,” He explained.

Msungama; after the release

On the arrest of MCP top officials, the political expert warned the Mutharika led government to stop jumping into conclusions without considering the impacts.

“The danger is that we are in times of technology and anybody can do anything with technology.  They should be extremely careful before jumping to conclusions.”

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  1. So interesting- with this man Called Malingamoyo Phiri, how does he think “PITALA” & his DPP Government can listen or get views of Opposition if he instructed his stupid guys to stop SHEPERD BUSHIRI from distributing maize a simple thing like that so how can he allow to run government with technical advice from Opposition???????????????

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