Chiyembekeza branded a “Mad-dog”

By: Thula Chisamba

Some Mzuzu city based Malawians have branded Minister of Agriculture Allan Chiyembekeza a “mad dog” over claims he made in parliament that people are food secured in the country.

Chiyembekeza; no one is eating husks

Chiyembekeza who brushed aside assertions that some Malawians are surviving on maize husks maintained that government is supplying enough maize in ADMARC depots across the country.

“Currently thousands of metric tones are on their way from Zambia.  It’s not true what people speculate that Malawians are eating Maize husks. Government is doing all it can to save the lives of all Malawians,” Chiyembekeza told the parliament.

But in a random interview by The Malawi Star, some Malawians said claims by Chiyembekeza can only be said by a mad dog.

They further warned the country’s president Peter Mutharika to be careful with people like Chiyembekeza who seemingly might be feeding him with wrong information that things are well with Malawians.

“They are the people that spoil presidents in Malawi because they always can’t accept their failure. Chiyembekeza must be so stupid to speak with confidence that Malawians are not eating Madeya,” said Amosi Njikho in a vox-pop.

On his part, Mercy Mbulo echoed Njikho sentiments citing people like Chiyembekeza must be chopped from the cabinet because they have nothing good to offer.

She said it sounds very unreasonably stupid to hear such claims from a minister who responsible for Agriculture and food security.

“We thought he could accept that things are out of hand and tell us measures his ministry has put in place to save Malawians from hunger and not what he just said today,” she said.

Andrew Longwe who took part in ant-Mutharika government protests held in Mzuzu on Monday by Youth Association said Chiyembekeza remarks are useless and hurts Malawians.

However on his part, government publicist Jappie Mhango recently told the local press that the current hunger has not been created by DPP

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