Mudi Catchment Area Turns into a Death Trap, Locals Worried

By: Thula Chisamba

Stress findings indicate that some unknown thugs within Machinjiri Township in Malawi’s Commercial capital city of Blantyre have turned Mudi dam catchment area (Peretia) into a deadly death trap as a result of its bushy state.

Mudi DAM
Mudi Dam; now a death trap

The place which is owned by the Blantyre water board (BWB) has for long been left bushy and unkept, making it a conducive environment for thugs.

The Malawi Star has been reliably informed by some residents of Machinjiri Township in the city are living in fear due to thugs that kill people mercilessly.

“Last week they wanted to rape three women who were heading to Limbe through Mudi dam shortcut. Fortunately, they managed to escape,” said the source.

He added that most people have since complained on how the place is fast becoming a hiding place for thugs who beat up people and rob them.

He added that the place has becomes extra dangerous during late hours since some people use it as a shortcut from their workplaces.

“Another man also escaped after being manhandled by the same thugs who also robbed from him that day. Action has to be taken to save people’s lives,” he added.

The catchment area is said to be conserving water which is later supplied by the Blantyre water board across the city.

However, BWB appears to have abandoned the maintenance of the dam, leaving the grass overgrown and high so that criminals have a welcome place to hide.

Local authorities  have suggested the place should be turned into a botanical garden.

Meanwhile, concerned locals of the  Machinjiri Conservative Trust (MCT) have gathered in order to petition authorities at the Blantyre City Council (BCC) and the BWB for a better explanation for neglecting the place.

Before publishing this article, the Police and both authorities from BCC and BWB were yet to comment on the matter.

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