Friends of AFORD pushing for Chihana’s resignation

By:  Thula Chisamba

Concerned followers under the umbrella body of Friends of Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) have called on the leader of the party to resign describing he has contributed to the death of the party.

Charles Mchacha
Chihana right; urged to resign

In recent events, a grouping of Friends of AFORD (FOA) has verbally attacked Enoch Chihana on grounds that he has failed to manage the party and has single handedly contributed to the pitiful decline of a once renowned political party.

Chairman for Friends of FOA, Peter Gondwe told The Malawi Star that the young Lion does not have the leadership qualities his father possessed let alone have his heart and character.

Gondwe further described Chihana as clueless, arrogant, and has suffocated growth within the party and thus he has killed the party.

He added by lamenting the tendency of most Malawian political parties to appoint leadership based on filial ties.

Gondwe said that it is a sad that AFORD has no progress at all since young Chihana took over usurped authority as AFORD president.

“To say the truth, people loved AFORD especially in the northern region such that if we had a good leader, we would have ruled this country by now.

“Our suggestion as FOA is that Chihana must resign and pave way for others who can resurrect the party and bring the old spark back in honor of the great Chakufwa Chihana. Northerners have witnessed a slow death of what once stood as a beacon of hope in a neglected land,” explained Gondwe.

The pressure group lambasted over Chihana’s behavior citing he has abandoned his father’s grave and in uttering chaos.

“He has completely abandoned the party with his shambolic leadership and all he cares about is enjoying his lavish lifestyle in Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively.

However, speaking to The Malawi Star, Chihana claimed the pressure group has never been a part of AFORD and for this reason he chose to turn a deaf ear to their remarks.

According to Chihana , AFORD is undergoing through a rebuilding process.


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