Expert worried About Cashgate Trials

By: Thula Chisamba
…Government to lose millions of kwacha

Social and political analysts have issued a stern warning to the Malawian government over the unpleasant delay of proceedings in Cashgate cases, which may see the government further straining its feeble treasury.

Lutepo; chief cashgate beneficiary

This past Friday, The Malawi Star had an interview with Chrispine Mphande, a History professor at Mzuzu University who said that since the inception of the scandal, there has been little progress in judicial proceedings to serve justice to Malawians who are still appalled by Cashgate and the international community which still waits for a valid solution to the evil that has left this “once” vibrant nation in tatters.

Professor Mphande said that these unwanted delays are beginning to raise suspicions as to whether the government is interested in dealing with the problem or feeding us breadcrumbs that fall from Capital Hill.

He explained,” In as much as some donors might have funded the hearing of such cases, the delay in hitting the nails in with a hammer is daunting when one considers the fact that the outcome of these proceedings is not what Malawians are looking for. Maybe government will just end up spending a lot more of hard earned tax payers’ money on things that will not serve justice in the end.”

Professor Mphande expressed his dissatisfaction and blamed the government for putting much emphasis on the shooting of the former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, which has now began to look like a diversion from the big fish who are still at large.

He said while he was aware that this case is equally important, there is more to be done on the matter than wasting a lot of government resources on a faction of the matter rather than dealing with the problem in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Activist and Director of Youth and Society, Charles Kajoloweka has urged government to be serious with Cashgate trials.

He urged Malawians to remember where they are coming from and learn from previous scenarios.

Kajoloweka further expressed his concerns to the general public over the continuous juggling that we see in the Cashgate Saga so much that he fears people will begin to lose faith in this government longer these proceedings go on.

In addition, Charles Kajoloweka warned that such trials would no longer taken serious and if government changes, these cases suffer a sudden death.

He cited that the People’s Party under the leadership of Joyce Banda once promised to bring to book all people involved in the embezzlement of public funds but nothing happened. It is these empty promises that the Youth and Malawi as a nation are tired of and need drastic action now.

Joyce Banda
Banda; started the arrest

The current government has taken some strides in addressing the matter with the arrest of Osward Lutepo and others but there is still more to be done.

A few people have been tried while most suspects are pointing fingers at former President Banda as a partaker in the saga that has deprived this nation of foreign investment and a vibrant economy.

Lazarus Chakwela
Chakwera; worried

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, together with many Malawians have expressed their concerns on whether President Peter Muthariaka is the right man to end this cancer that is feasting on the beating heart of Mother Malawi.


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