DPP Manifesto producing positive results

By: Happy Arnold Soko

The current ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) through its Publicity Secretary Francis Kasayila have maintained that they ruling the country according to their 2014-2015 manifesto.

Francis Kasayila
Kasaila- our manifesto is  producing positive results

Kasaila remarks follows a call from different sectors demand DPP government to address the current social and economic challenges that have persistently hit Malawi.

Among its manifesto launched in 2014 ahead of May Tripartite elections, DPP hinted that it will not pursue the trickle-down economy, but rather implement bottom-up economic policies aimed at getting the poor out of poverty.

The current government underlined approaches aimed at the development of Malawi, increased productivity and a better life.

Said Kasaila in an exclusive interview with The Malawi Star, “if you ask me if we are fulfilling what we promised, I will tell you yes. As DPP we are doing what we thought we should be doing. But whether that is bringing in the positive result as expected then it is a different story.

“There are positive results in what we are doing because internationally the economy is struggling. Malawi is not an island and is doing better compared to the economies of other countries that are also struggling.

However opposition Malawi Congress Party Jessie Kabwila described the remarks by Kasaila as baseless.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila-DPP is ignorant

She said the DPP under Peter Mutharika is the wase government Malawi has ever had.

According to Kabwila, Kasaila remarks are made out of ignorance and frustration. She said pressure exerted on DPP from people is a clear indication of their failure.

She added that power hungry by DPP gurus has negatively affecting the country and is the major root cause of the current situation.

“The kwacha is collapsing; no drugs in government hospital and people are queuing for maize. This government is not only clueless but also ignorant.

“How can they call this good job when people are suffering. DPP has done miserably and in fact by now they should be informing Malawians that they have failed and that they are resigning. Their inability to implement their policy is killing people,” explained Kabwila to The Malawi Star.

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