Livingstonia Synod moves to invade Blantyre Synod

By Thula Chisamba
The controversial Church of Central Africa (CCAP) Synod of Livingstonia is intending to invade Blantyre Synod with plans on the drawing board to penetrate in the territory of the latter.
Malawi-star can reveal that Livingstonia Synod has already hatched plans to establish itself in the territories of Blantyre Synod in Mangochi, Southern Region of Malawi.
Among other immediate projects it has lined up to implement in the area include building some congregations, a secondary school, and a health centre.
Blantyre Mvano choir

Benson Juma based in Mangochi confirmed to this publication that officials from Livingstonia Synod visited the area recently where they unveiled plans to establish themselves within the area earmarked for such projects

“They told us to wait from them because they have good plans for us. Among the plans they said they will build us hospitals and a secondary school,” he said.
On the other hand, a senior member from Blantyre Synod, who pleaded for anonymity said the move could bring chaos  because Livingstonia Synod has not consulted the owners of the territory.
He said people have already started discussing the issue.
“Livingtonia Synod is full of hypocrites who are after money. Having plans to establish themselves here means they have been impressed with the population which can manage paying them. This is very unfortunate,” he said.
The Synod is on record for intruding in the territories of Nkhoma Synod, the overseer of the Central Region years ago allegedly in search of greener pastures.
 “There was an intense battle then but they succeeded and established themselves in
Lilongwe, a territory which practically belongs to Nkhoma Synod,” said Gogo Donald Banda, a long serving member of the Synod in Nkhatabay.
General Secretary for the Livingstonia Synod Levie Njombole Nyondo confirmed the synods plans to establish itself in the Southern Region.
Levi Nyondo.jpg
Nyondo- we will not invade Blantyre
He said they have all rights to establish themselves in Mangochi because the place belongs to them.
He clarified that they will not go beyond the territories of Blantyre Synod because they are much aware that doing so will be terrible indeed.
“We know where Blantyre Synod ends and that’s where we start. There will be nothing like fighting for boundaries because the place we are planning to establish ourselves is ours,” he maintained.
Separate findings shows that Nkhoma Synod has also began establishing itself in the Northern Region.
However Nyondo said this was normal because their wrangle was resolved way back and anyone has the liberty to establish his church anywhere.
 Efforts to talk to senior officials from Blantyre Synod proved futile because most of them declined to grant us an interview.

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