Mutharika Government Implicated in Another Cashgate

By Thula Chisamba
Shocking revelations emerging from the ministry of health show that the current Peter Mutharika government has been involved in the swindling of funds meant for the construction of the national cancer centre in the country.

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Malawi betrayed

The revelations have been made by Malawian-based human rights defender and activist Billy Mayaya who claim to have evidence backing his claims.

Speaking with The Malawi Star on Wednesday, Mayaya maintained that if the matter will not be investigated, Malawians must forget about the commencement of the project.

“I have information on this and some officials working within the ministry of health are feeding me with information on this dairy. I would like to urge people responsible for investigations to do something because, billions have been swindled here,” he maintained.

The Malawi Star understands that government announced lately that it sent about seven medics abroad to training on cancer treatment as one way of preparing for the operation of the national cancer center.
However, Mayaya alleges that the government lied on the whole story because money meant for such trainings were all swindled by some selfish government officials.
“There is nothing like that. The money meant for all those things have been misappropriated by some government officials who need to be investigated,” he added.

When asked to comment on the accusations, publicist in the ministry Adrian Chikumbe trashed Mayaya for circulating what he called unfounded claims.

He clarified that the delay in constructing the facility has not come because some people swindled funds, but because of the instability of the Malawi Kwacha.
“That is not true. Unless he has evidence showing names of people who are involved in the malpractice but what I know is that the delay in constructing the facility is not connected to such vague claims,” he said.

The plans for the construction of the facility hit the record since the current government rose to power andThe Malawi Star understands that despite the delay in its construction, the foundation stone was already laid on the place of construction.

Once completed, the facility is expected to help government save about 2 billion kwacha it spends every year in sending Malawians abroad for Cancer treatment.

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