Malawi government Hailed for Opening Nkhatabay Hospital

Malawi government hailed for opening Nkhatabay hospital

By Thula Chisamba

People living in Malawi’s northern region district of Nkhatabay have hailed government for opening the main hospital in the district citing the decision has really improved service delivery in the district.

Government have been delaying to open the facility since last year on grounds that it had no enough funds to help facilitate the same.

However, earlier this week, government through the ministry of health commissioned the opening of the facility which is now mother to all rural health centers across the district and surrounding areas.

Speaking in random interviews Malawistar conducted at the facility which is at Mkondezi, most people applauded government for opening the facility citing prior to that, health service delivery was very poor in the district.

“We were spending our money to access improved health attention in Mzuzu at the central hospital because our rural health centers alone were not capable of treating some of our problems,” said Rose Banda.

Another patient, Samuel Nyirenda added that he was hopeful the facility will go a long way in helping prevent some preventable deaths they have been experiencing in the district.

“In most rural health centers there are no some of the equipments which are available here thus I hope this is a clear indication that there will no longer be preventable deaths in our district,” he said.

In a nutshell, most of the interviewees expressed their glee at the opening of the facility and promised to help government in taking care of the same.

On his part, the hospital publicist Christopher Sichinga emphasized that it has always been government zeal to improve the health sector by building a lot of hospitals in the country.

He then promised that the entire staff deployed at the hospital will be professional enough such that there will not be cases of stealing hospital equipments and drugs like what is happening in other hospital in the country.

“That said, I would like to tell people that we have transferred all patients from John Lengi health center to here thus they must not get confused with the change,” said Sichinga.

The district’s health officer was not available for immediate comment on the development despite several attempts.

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