Fischer exposes Flames, says “can’t win”

By Thula Chisamba

Veteran Malawi national football team, The Flames, left winger Fischer Kondowe has come open to expose some of the reasons the team keeps losing every competition.

fischer kondowe
Kondowe: “Flames can’t win.”

In an interview with MalawiStar news, Kondowe emphasized that there are some ‘unfit’ players who gets featured in the national team because of bribing the technical panel.
“This weakens the team, that is why you will always be disappointed with Flames.”

“Another thing is this tendency of taking the national team as a place of developing players. That is suicide to the Flames,” he said.

He went on to lament the country’s FA for not being serious with the team saying it becomes awkward to learn that the country’s football governing body, only becomes serious when the national team is invited in a certain tournament.
“This also will forever weaken our national team. Football needs more practice and must be taken as an office but when we continue taking it like a game, never expect Flames to win,” he added.

When asked about the tendency of firing and hiring of the team’s managers, which happens often in the country, Kondowe said that will never help either.

He said, the problem is any newly hired manager comes with his own ideas leaving even the good ones left by the fired coach.
“It is just the same as in politics where successors leave everything their predecessors began. Where is our country now? Changing managers will never help either,” he maintained.

Kondowe who plays for Nyasa Bullets in the country’s elite league, TNM super league has played as a professional for many year in some clubs in South Africa.

He said being a person with such experience, he laughs most of the time to see very weak players being featured in a serious national team encounter a thing which consequently makes the team come home with undesirable results.
“Eish!! Some players are not even worthy of it. You see them and start laughing kuti can he manage to play with strong world class players?”

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